abu dhabi eco park



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Abu Dhabi Eco Park (ADEP) is a mixed use community of residential, hotel, retail, recreational, and environmental uses, consisting of over 640,000 square meters of construction. Kiss + Cathcart is primarily responsible for the design of the Mangrove Area and Eco Agriculture area structures, and has collaboratively planned the mangrove area with Andropogon Associates, within the overall master plan-ning of Ardalan Associates and Kling Stubbins. The Mangrove Hotel Eco Lodges, and Environmental Awareness Training Center, are completely off–grid and self-sustaining in terms of energy, water, and waste. The Eco Agriculture area produces enough fresh produce to feed 50% of the annual consumption of the total 7,500 residents of the project, in a first–of–its–kind building integrated agricultural Green Market.
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