amelio resi renovation




Amelio Solar, Inc. and Renewable Energy Solutions Inc. are engaged in the research, development, manufacture, distribution, and installation of photovoltaic technology and systems for the solar industry. The project involves the renovation of the office space, lobby and entrance space for these companies. It offers a more functional, comfortable, and attractive environment for both the clients and workers.

The approximately 4,000 square foot space is designed to include 18 office stations, 3 private offices, 2 conference areas and a lobby/reception with two exhibition walls. The original office/lobby space was completely absent of natural daylight. The design, through the introduction of a 14’-0” high storefront and 2 windows (for 2 main private offices), introduces natural daylight into the space. Glass and Translucent polycarbonate partitions allow the light to enter all occupiable spaces.
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