hampton township visioning project



HamptonHampton is a beautiful rural township, set in a farming countryside dating to colonial times. Verdant residential areas surround several lakes. But set against this ideal of rustic beauty is the southeast corner of the township along Route 206 north out of Newton, developed over the last 20 years with large asphalt parking lots, strip malls, big signs, car lots and big box stores. This highway corridor is the subject of this study.

The Vision is to develop a mixed use corridor, including residential uses in variety of building types and densities, office and other service uses, lower reliance on big box commercial balanced by shifting density from single family development elsewhere in the township, conserving open space, farming, views and natural ecologies.

The highway strip remains, supplemented by two villages, walkable, close to natural experiences, distributing traffic with multiple choices and improved connectivity. Shared parkingis located between multiple uses, in smaller lots and along lively streets, all reinforcing traditional New Jersey town patterns.

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