manufacturing communities



Manufacturing CommunitiesKiss + Cathcart's urban design work has focussed on revitalization of existing city neighborhoods. This study on integration of manufacturing and residential uses in a Brooklyn waterfront community won a 1995 Progressive Architecture Award. Following is an excerpt from the study's introduction:

The United States faces two major tasks: rebuilding its manufacturing base and rebuilding its urban areas. The potential for linking these tasks is rarely considered, despite the continued unravelling of economic, social, and urban fabrics from South Central to the South Bronx. This study explores the urban design opportunities that would arise from promotion of urban-friendly industrial development in mixed-use inner city communities,

rather than isolationist zoning of industrial uses in suburban areas. Manufacturing is often forced out of the city by misguided public policy and shortsighted economic priorities. Successful productive activities should be encouraged to remain in the city and new ones should be encouraged to become a part of a mixeduse urban environment. Flexible technologies, custom manufacturing, and similar production modes can provide unprecedented opportunities for urban manufacturingand mixed use.
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