manufacturing facilities



Manufacturing Facilities

Architecture for industry is a mainstay of Kiss + Cathcart's practice. We are in the unique position of having worked with virtually every scale of manufacturing facility, from emerging startups to the most major corporate facilities. This broad scope has given us an encyclopedic knowledge of the needs and potential of factory building.

Kiss + Cathcart's extensive experience in the specifics of industrial construction includes production line layout, heavy-duty systems accommodation, research lab and office design, and controlled materials storage. In many projects, we have applied our work in "green" technologies to reduce the environmental impact of industrial construction. We are skilled at investing straightforward building construction systems and materials with architectural distinction, yielding factories that can also serve as corporate showplaces.

The office's first factory building, built in 1984, mediated between a residential neighborhood and a railway siding. Our efforts to address the surrounding conditions set a precedent for all our industrial work. The factory buildings we design are not only cost-effective and technically appropriate, but also good workplaces and neighborly architecture.