harbin songbei



Harbin Songbei District Enterprise Center

The Harbin SongBei District Municipal Building is a 75,000 m2 mixed use project in the Northeast of China. Harbin, the capital of Heliongjiang Province, is expanding into a new, 250 square kilometer district to the north of the SongBei River. This building will contain the District Headquarters as well as community services and rental office space.

The rapid pace of development has created enormous environmental, energy and water issues all over China. With this project, the City of Harbin wishes to set a new standard of sustainable construction, to be a model for future development.

Kiss + Cathcart's design will consume less than half as much energy and water as current buildings in the area. Extensive day lighting, hybrid natural ventilation, groundwater cooling, seasonal ice storage, green roofs, and building integrated photovoltaics are some of the strategies employed to meet these goals.

Concept design completed 2007.

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